We have come across some amazing images of man caves on the internet! Some guys go all out, and if you are only allowed one room in the house to decorate how you want, why not?! The first obvious decoration has to be the memorabilia. You have to have something to beat your chest over, right? The memorabilia usually starts with something signed buy the best football team, some amazing boxer, or a cricketer that you happened to bump into at the airport (after 5 hours of waiting for their plane to arrive) 

The framing of said memorabilia can not be done at just any run of the mill framers. Some will simply not do justice to the quality and importance of your signed piece. Colours and design are critical to make it a one of a kind, chest beating, have a few beers over, piece of memorabilia!

If you get the framing right the value is automatically increased exponentially! Get it wrong, however, and the framing can make it look cheap, you don't want that!  Compare the jumpers below...


You can see the difference just in the colour selection and how much more expensive the one on the left looks.  The more expensive the framing looks (doesn't necessarily cost more to frame) the better the resale value if you ever need to sell.

Whether its jumpers, boxing gloves, cricket bats or posters, you can see how important the colours and attention to detail is. As below left, incorporating logos, stats, great colour selection etc really makes it stand out.


Bring your memorabilia in to Sports Stars and Legends, and let us create something amazing for your Man Cave walls.


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