Making your Man Cave better than your mates!


We have come across some amazing images of man caves on the internet! Some guys go all out, and if you are only allowed one room in the house to decorate how you want, why not?! The first obvious decoration has to be the memorabilia. You have to have something to beat your chest over, right? The memorabilia usually starts with something signed buy the best football team, some amazing boxer, or a cricketer that you happened to bump into at the airport (after 5 hours of waiting for their plane to arrive) 

The framing of said memorabilia can not be done at just any run of the mill framers. Some will simply not do justice to the quality and importance of your signed piece. Colours and design are critical to make it a one of a kind, chest beating, have a few beers over, piece of memorabilia!

If you get the framing right the value is automatically increased exponentially! Get it wrong, however, and the framing can make it look cheap, you don't want that!  Compare the jumpers below...


You can see the difference just in the colour selection and how much more expensive the one on the left looks.  The more expensive the framing looks (doesn't necessarily cost more to frame) the better the resale value if you ever need to sell.

Whether its jumpers, boxing gloves, cricket bats or posters, you can see how important the colours and attention to detail is. As below left, incorporating logos, stats, great colour selection etc really makes it stand out.


Bring your memorabilia in to Sports Stars and Legends, and let us create something amazing for your Man Cave walls.


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or visit our framing website for more ideas.

2015 Rugby World Cup Memorabilia - Signed and Framed sports memorabilia

The 2015 Rugby World Cup is upon us. Some fantastic must have memorabilia has been released to commemorate the event! 

2015 RWC All Blacks Team Signed Jerseys, beautifully framed to ensure the continuing value and a must have piece of sports memorabilia for the All Blacks fanatic.

2015 RWC Wallabies Team signed  Jerseys, also beautifully framed and a great piece of sports memorabilia for any Wallabies fan.

To order your piece of Sporting history go to this link.

The Cricket World Cup Win and other victories! signed memorabilia available

As we bask in the glory of Australia's fantastic 2015 ICC World Cup Win, we are inundated with information coming through our email from our suppliers to help us keep up with the huge demand for Signed Memorabilia to commemorate such a awesome achievement.  Now is the time when those who are involved with any fundraising ventures for charities etc need to pounce on the memorabilia before it sells out. Once sold out the demand soars and so does the prices, hence the great opportunity to raise some very good dollars for your events. Get in quick to secure yours.

A very good idea is to create an account on the website and let us make you a VIP member which entitles you to the 15% discount. It's always nice to save money for other stuff!

Fundraising Using Signed Sports Memorabilia made easy.

There are a lot of fundraising events running throughout the year, and you need yours to stand out!  

Having a silent auction along with a few key items being sold via live auction throughout your event do work well, however it is the type of items you offer which can make all of the difference.  Memorabilia is always a good option, bearing in mind it is current and sought after by the general public.  When you come into our showroom to select your range for your event, we will guide you towards the better sellers, and what you will stand to make the most profit from.  Now memorabilia is not for everyone. We also offer a huge range of Home Decor products from our partner business Star Style Home Decor to offer a broader variety of products to get all your guests bidding. Now bidding is addictive at these events, especially if a wine or two is involved. Guests can get very competitive!

All items whether they are memorabilia or Home Decor items are offered on the same basis, - at NO COST to you.

How to organise your event with us.

  • Come into our showroom Unit 4/60 Erindale Road, Balcatta WA 6021 and we can help you select the items that will work the best for your event. 
  • A reserve is set well below normal retail prices to help you achieve great profits. Any profit over the reserve is yours for your event.
  • On the day of or the day before your event, simply come in to collect your items (current Identification required)
  • We can provide silent auction bidding sheets if required
  • The business day following your event, you return any unsold items and we arrange payment of the items sold.
  • EASY!

Sports Stars and Legends also offer heavily discounted framing of any items you need framed for your fundraising efforts and event. Bring in your items and we can discuss ideas and prices with you.

Feel free to call us (08)92405511, email us , or simply call in and see us to discuss your event!

Insurance and Protecting your signed Memorabilia

Collecting memorabilia is an addictive hobby and can be expensive.  Contents Insurance is definitely recommended, as memorabilia can be one of the first things to be stolen. To protect your assets we recommend that you take photos of each of your memorabilia pieces and store a copy with any receipts etc. Also calling your insurance company to discuss your insurance coverage would be a good idea.  With the number of burglaries lately it pays to be prepared.  

You can also contact us to purchase security hanging option,s which keep your memorabilia on the wall and not in someone else's hands. Call us on (08)92405511 or email us for more information.

If you do find that you are the victim of a burglary and you have purchased your memorabilia (or had it framed) through us, call us to advise what has been stolen. Often if police find stolen merchandise they call us to see if we can trace the owners, and if you have let us know we can get it back to you sooner.

Welcome to Sports Stars & Legends, signed memorabilia specialists

Welcome to Sports Stars & Legends. We are Australia's number 1 sports and entertainment memorabilia store.  We pride ourselves in only carrying the best quality memorabilia.  At Sports Stars & Legends, if you have your own memorabilia you would like to have framed, we offer fantastic prices on framing yet we dont skimp on quality and workmanship.

We have 2 partner businesses:

Object Framers:  The best picture / memorabilia framers there is. Based in our showroom: 4/60 Erindale Road, Balcatta, Perth Australia.

Star Style Homewares & Accessories: Quality homewares, great design, great prices for the rest of your home.